Psycho Therapy

Note: If you've reached this page looking for information on "psychotherapy" (all one word, used as a possible synonym for "counseling" or, simply, "therapy"), you have come to the wrong place; allow me to kindly re-direct you to Wikipedia's entry on that subject here.

This page is about Psycho Therapy (two separate words, letter case is significant), with an emphasis on the word "psycho."

And no, it's not about therapy treatment for psychos.

Rather, it's about therapy provided by psychos! As in, "Bad therapist! No Xanax!"

However, on the advice of legal counsel, let me refer you to my Yelp! list bearing the same name as this page.

Any conclusions you may draw after reading both this page and that page are your own and probably reflect my opinion as well but I just can't say it.